AshleyMouCo Ashley LogoMouCo Ashley™, a soft ripened cheese covered with a thin layer of ash. A striking appearance encircles this mildly sweet cheese.


MouCo Ashley™ can be enjoyed over the same stuff as the rest of our cheeses.

(Isn’t all of what we would have spent hours on coming up with slick words, when really, you just need to eat the cheese, with whatever makes you happiest, cause it rocks.)


Here’s the list of words that we were gonna weasel into a few sentences:

Silky, Smooth, Buzz, Whisper, Soul, Sparkle, Murmur, Verve, Dolce de Leche.


MouCo Ashley: Flavors and Aging Information

When Young:

A lightly stiff center when young, complimented by a buzz of tartness.

As it ages:

 As the cheese ripens, the pate develops a creamier flavor and texture. A hint of sweetness compliments a bit of hum in the finish.

Fully Aged:

At 7-8 weeks, the cheese is fully ripe, soft and gooey, a definitive line shows off the soft edible rind.  A murmur of sweetness balances the complex cheese.



MouCo Ashley: General Cheese and Nutritional Information


Cheese Name:

MouCo Ashley

Cheese Type:

A soft ripened cheese

Milk Type:

Pasteurized Cow's Milk


5 oz. (140 g.)


3.25" x 1.25 " (82.55 mm x 31.75)

Rennet Type:

100% Natural

Nutritional Block:

MouCo Ashley Nutritional Block

Retail Product UPC Code:

MouCo Ashley UPC Code

Package Look:

 MouCo Ashley Package Look

 Written by: Kaelyn Riley