MouCo Camembert

MouCo Camembert is the first cheese that we started producing, with 45 years of family experience of course.....

.....and once you taste it you will know why...

We start by using the best milk that we can find in our area. This means we start making cheese with the freshest milk possible.No artificial colorings, preservatives, or additives are used in the cheese making process of our Camembert, which is all done by hand.

A soft and creamy texture with a hint of tartness will entice you the first few weeks of a young Camembert.Later, more like teenage years, the cheese ripens to a nutty full grown flavor, like teenagers, slightly nutty.As the cheese continues to age it becomes wiser and more complex. Stronger flavors develop and the cheese starts to get a little soft around the middle. (Like me-RP)

We mark each cheese with a date code. If you like the cheese a bit more firm, or maybe a bit more soft, or maybe even....SOFT AND GOOEY, then you can discern this off your individual cheese.



MouCo Camembert: Flavors and Aging Information

When Young:

This cheese is quite creamy from the start with hint of milky creaminess.

As it ages:

As the cheese ripens it develops creamy undertones and buttery characteristics topped off with a nutty mouth feel.

Fully Aged:

MouCo Camembert is fully aged at 7-8 weeks. At this point the cheese flavor is fully complex with butter, creamy and nuts in it's flavor display.

The cheese just begins to flow when left to warm to room temperature.


MouCo Camembert: General Cheese and Nutritional Information

Cheese Name:

MouCo Camembert

Cheese Type:

Soft surfaced ripened cheese

Milk Type:

Pasteurized Cow's Milk


5 oz. (140 g.)


3.25" x 1.25 " (82.55 mm x 31.75)

Rennet Type:

100% Natural, no GMOs

Nutritional Block:

MouCo Camembert Nutritional Block

Retail Product UPC Code:

MouCo Camembert UPC Code

Package Look:

MouCo Camembert Packaging

Written by: Kaelyn Riley