MouCo ColoRouge


MouCo ColoRouge is a natural rind cheese that is reddish-orange in color with a slight white finish.

We start with pasteurized whole milk, obtained from a local dairy.MouCo ColoRouge on Ripening Racks

The cheese curd is gently ladled by hand into forms that give the cheese its shape and size.

During the two week aging period the cheese is turned and "smeared" by hand. Smearing is a process by which each cheese is rubbed to help along the development of the special rind characteristics.

The cheese is then wrapped in a special foil imported from Europe that allows it to "breathe" oxygen thus keeping the cheese "alive" and fresh during its entire life.

Like Jazz, the flavor changes as it ages: Soft and creamy with mild buttery overtones give way to complex spiciness.

We mark each cheese with a date code. If you like the cheese a bit more firm, or maybe a bit more soft or maybe even....WAY SOFT, then you can discern this off your individual cheese by using our inventive date code system.


MouCo ColoRouge: Flavors and Aging Information

When Young:

Soft and creamy is a great description for the textures as well as taste and aromas. Mildly earthy tones compliment the slight acidity of the young cheese.

As it ages:

As it ages the cheese will start to soften, develop a pronounced buttery characteristic as well as develop a further complexity in its earthy characteristic.

Fully Aged:

MouCo ColoRouge is fully aged at 7-8 weeks. At this point the cheese flavor is quite complex with its buttery creamy flavors as well as a developed earthiness that is spicy and ...well...just addictive.


The cheese just begins to get gooey when left to warm to room temperature.


MouCo ColoRouge: Flavors and Aging Information

Cheese Name:

MouCo ColoRouge

Cheese Type:

Red Smear Cheese

Milk Type:

Pasteurized Cow's Milk


5 oz. (140 g.)


3.25" x 1.25 " (82.55 mm x 31.75)

Rennet Type:

100% Natural, no GMOs

Nutritional Block:

ColoRouge Nutritional Block

Retail Product UPC Code:

ColoRouge UPC

Package Look:

MouCo ColoRouge Packaging

Written by: Kaelyn Riley