MouCo Camembert


MouCo Camembert is the first cheese we started producing, crafted with the knowledge and expertise that only 45 years of family experience can bring to this delectable cheese. One taste and you’ll know exactly what we mean!

The cheese goes through a growing phase much like children, you can see them mature over time, and the proof is in the result. When young and in the first few weeks, the Camembert will have a firm, creamy texture with more than a hint of tartness. As it ages into its teenage years, the cheese develops a full-flavored nutty taste, like teenagers, slightly nutty. In its most mature stage, our Camembert develops a buttery richness and is a little soft around the middle (Like me-RP) with a strong, smooth flavor that’s perfect when paired with fine crackers and a little bit of fruit.

MouCo Camembert is made using cow's milk sourced from our local area. Our cheese making values dictate that there will never be any artificial colors, additives, or preservatives in our cheese to ensure it is the best our region offers.

 Lastly, each cheese is marked with a date code. Use it to enjoy the cheese to your liking: firm, a little soft, or soft and gooey. Make it your own! 


MouCo Camembert: Flavors and Aging Information

When Young:

This cheese is firm with a creamy texture and tangy notes.

As it ages:

As the cheese ripens, it softens and further develops its buttery characteristics.

Fully Aged:

MouCo Camembert is fully aged at 7-8 weeks.  At this point the cheese has fully developed its buttery creaminess. The cheese might just begins to flow when left to warm to room temperature.


MouCo Camembert: General Cheese and Nutritional Information



Cheese Name:

MouCo Camembert

Cheese Type:

Soft Surfaced Ripened Cheese

Milk Type:

Pasteurized Cow's Milk


4.4 oz. (125 g.)


3.25" x 1.25 " (82.55 mm x 31.75)

Rennet Type:

100% natural, non-GMO animal rennet

Nutritional Block:MouCo Camembert Nutritional Block

Retail UPC Code:

MouCo Camembert UPC Code

Package Look:

MouCo Camembert Packaging







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